Register For Better Offer

For each product shown in our Shopping section
, the member can register his/her expectation for better terms and benefits which include better discount, gift and extension of promotion period etc.  Once registered, that product will be shown in the section of My Registered Offer where the member shall have an overview of all the products that have been registered by him/her. Member can also renew later his/her new request at anytime.
Redeem Point Club will base on the member’s request and liaise with relevant suppliers on coping with individual member’s request.
Whenever there is promotional offer or Today’s Special program coming up for that particular registered product, such product will be shown in member’s Register Offer section and highlighted with icon of Promotion or Today’s Special.  If the new offer matches or is better than member’s expectants, there is an green icon of "Satisfy"  to be shown on that product photo for ease of reference. An email will also be sent to member informing the availability of such matching offer. In case of limited edition promotion, members are served on a first come first serve basis. 

This unique service is very particularly suitable for those travellers and China Members  who have a well-planned buying habit to lock up in advance the coming available lowest offers in the near future. They are able to enjoy the best available offers even though they are not in Hong Kong during the promotion period. 

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