Refer A Friend/Colleague

This referral program is specially designed for all members who want to share with their friends about their good experience with Redeem Point Club.
Under this Refer A Friend program, the referee member will also get 2000 E Points as successful referral reward points if the refereed member has made purchase either on our web site or at our Outlet Store and subsequently earned  9000 Purchase P Points .
In additional to the successful reward points of 2000 E Points, referee member will also get Pending P Points whenever any of the referred member has made purchase our products successfully online on our web site or selected products at our Outlet Stores within two membership years from date of referral. . The amount of Pending P Points is shown on Reward Point Balance of the referee's account.

The total amount of Pending P Points, say K, to be earned by the referee member for each referral will be concluded as confirmed P Point (called Referral Point)  on the last day of each membership year i.e. 31st Dec and be based on two factors:

a.       The total amount of Purchase P Points earned, say A, by the referee member through the referee member’s own purchase online and at Outlet Store and,

b.      The total amount of Purchase P Points, say B, earned by individual referred member through the referred member’s own purchase online and at Outlet Store.

If A is greater than or equal to B, then referee member will get K=B Pending P Points from that referral. Confirmed B P Points ,with validity of one year, will be added to referee member’s Reward Point Balance on the 1st of Jan for the following year of membership . That means the referee member will get the same amount of  P Points which the refereed member has obtain in that year.

If A is smaller than B, then referee member will get K=m times Pending P Points where m is the referral reward factor .For the membership year ending on 31st Dec 2019, m is equal to 0.5 and will be subject to review annually (That means the referee member will get half of  P Points which the referee has obtained in that year). Confirmed K P Points, with validity of one year, will be added to referee member’s account statement on the 1st of Jan of the following year of membership.
Our partner will often put up special promotion offers such that referee member can also earn reward points whenever the refereed member purchases the selected products in Outlet Store or on our partner’s web site which is linked through our platform browser, or transfer the rewards points from partner's club to Redeem Point Club.
Each member shall only have maximum one number of referee member which email address must be filled in during the membership registration. After member’s activation of membership, Redeem Point Club will not accept any request for retrospective registration of referee member or change of referee member.
This is no limit for number of referred members. However, if Redeem Point Club finds out that the referred member is not a friend or relative of the referee members, then the referral will became void and the reward points associated with such dishonored referral will be cancelled and forfeited.  Redeem Points Club will also cancel the membership of such referee member, and all his/her previous reward points, including all Pending P & E Points, will also be forfeited.