China Member Linkage

China Member Linkage (Also called China Friend/Relative Linkage )

Under China Member Linkage program, Redeem Point Club will provide bonus point to encourage the Hong Kong and Shenzhen members to help their friends or relatives in Mainland China enjoy our unique services and benefits. As an appreciation and encouragement, Redeem Point Club allocates extra reward points of E Points, called Linkage Point, for Mainland China member to distribute to their Hong Kong and Shenzhen friends who have helped them collect the goods on their behalf.

This China Member Linkage program is particularly useful for those Mainland China Travellers. Even they are not in Hong Kong, they can still able to obtain with their help of their friends the extra-ordinary short promotion period offer such as Today’s Special and  other limited edition promotion offer in Hong Kong.

Membership Tier
There are following four membership tiers under China Member Linkage program.

a.     Hong Kong Connect Member (HKC)

b.     Shenzhen Connect Member (SZC)

c.     Hong Kong Associated Member (AA-HKC)

d.     Shenzhen Associated Member (BB-HKC)

All membership tiers have to be pre-approved by the Redeem Point Club. Redeem Point Club will verify the registration details such as the Surname, ID information, telephone number and email address, etc. Approval process will generally be completed within 7 days. After the approval, the member can freely invite his friends, who must be pre-approved as well, and establish online linkage or remove linkage among themselves online at their own discretions.
HKC membership tier is made available only for the Hong Kong resident holding a valid Hong Kong ID Card. HKC can be authorized by HKC’s friends (AA-HKC) who are residents of Mainland China, to collect on behalf of AA-HKC the goods purchased online on by AA-HKC.

SZC membership tier is made available only for the Shenzhen resident holding a valid Shenzhen Resident Permit.  SZC can be authorized by SZC’s friend of Mainland China , including other Shenzhen residents , to collect on behalf of BB-SZC the goods purchased online on by BB-SZC.

AA-HKC membership tier is designed for all Mainland China residents, including Shenzhen residents, who authorize their friends/relatives of Hong Kong (HKC) to collect on behalf of them the goods they purchased online on

BB-SZC is designed for all Mainland China residents, including Shenzhen residents, who authorize their friends/relatives of Shenzhen (SZC) to collect on behalf of them the goods that BB-SZC purchased online on

For avoidance of doubt, HKC can’t authorize other member to collect the goods on his/her behalf under this China Member Linkage program in order to get extra linkage reward points (Linkage Point) under the China Member Linkage Program.
For Shenzhen residents, they can collect the goods on behalf of other Mainland China residents, including Shenzhen residents, and can also authorize other Shenzhen resident or Hong Kong resident to collect the goods. Therefore, Shenzhen residents can acquire maximum three different membership tiers, AA-HKC, SZC & BB-SZC.

For non-Shenzhen China resident, they cannot be authorized to collect the goods in order to get extra reward points under the China Member Linkage Program. These members shall only  have BB-SZC or AA-HKC membership tiers.

All members need to submit online for their requests of joining these membership tiers and be pre-approved prior to  establishing linkage with their friends . 

All membership tiers shall be reset on 1st Jan every year starting from year 2006 .  Members need to submit for membership tier application and re-establish their linkage with their friends again.

Encouragement Reward of Linkage Points (E Points)

When those members (Order Member), who are residents of Mainland China, have authorized their friends or relatives of Hong Kong or Shenzhen to collect on their behalf the goods. Redeem Point Club has allocated for each order certain amount of reward points (Pending E Points–China Linkage) which distribution is under the control of Order Member. Order Member can grant freely to the authorised member after the authorised member has helped the order member collect the goods. After the expiry of X days from the collection date of goods, the Pending E Point-China Linkage will become void if the Order Member does not grant the allocated reward point to the authorised member. After the granting, the Pending E Point will be shown in authorised members account. For the membership year ending on 31st Dec 2019, X is equal to 30 which will be subject to review annually at the discretion of Redeem Point Club.
The amount of Pending E Points–China Linkage for each order for free distribution by the Order Member to the authorized member is determined as follows:

Pending E Points–China Linkage= N times K where K is equal to the total accumulated P Points earned by Order Member and N is a linkage reward factor.

For the membership year ending on 31st Dec 2019, N is equal to 1.0 and will be subject to review annually. That means the amount of Pending E Points ( Linkage Points) shall be same as the amount of P Points that the Order Member acquired through the purchase of goods.
All AA-HKC and BB-SZC members can specify his/her authorized members whenever he/she makes the purchase in his/her purchase online on our web site The details of authorized member such as surname, telephone number and email address will be shown on the transaction documents such as Inquiry, Invoice and the Voucher(s) for ease of reference.
The voucher details will also be shown in the authorized member's account under the section of Vouches (For China Member Linkage Only).

At the request of AA-HKC and BB-SZC, a copy of the voucher(s) can be forwarded via email to the authorized member as well.