Why buy from us?

With so many different alternatives out on the free market, it is one of Glad Heart’s goals to distinguish our products and services from the rest of our competitors in the following ways:

Glad Heart is distinguished by its ability to demonstrate that the company truly has the best professional team, products, culture and opportunity in supplying proven high quality and potent health and beauty products.



Our products are manufactured under extremely strict Q C and Q A procedures according to the pharmaceutical standards and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) audited by the officers of the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Suppliers are original products of manufacturers with GMP license issued by the Australian Government.

Our products are regulated and listed with AUSTL number and are available for public access to the Australian Government TGA web site to check the product registration.



End users are well insured and covered by a minimum A$5 million insurance policy for Homart's products and public liability.

Products are not OEM products and continuity of supply is ensured.


Products are produced with effective formulation with the ingredients derived from 100% natural, organic and marine products.

We provide price match guarantee on promotional items and package offers.
Products are currently popular in the Australian domestic market and are well accepted by local Australians.

Best Value 

Our unique membership system enables loyal customers to obtain even greater value from their purchases of our products. Our services are customer-oriented and offer maximum benefits to customers.

Our Gift Gallery provides our loyal customers with an effective system of pre-booking of those popular items. Our customer can tell us their expected items in advance and we will endeavor to arrange the delivery of such items which normally come from Australia or outside Hong Kong.


Promotional Bundling Offer

One of our unique services is the cross bundling offer of our health food products with other high quality popular items such as beauty care products, food commodities etc. We guarantee that our bundling offers within specially promoted in our website will give the best possible value for the cost our customers paid.


Price Match Guarantee

We are the only health food company in Hong Kong offering a price match guarantee for the bundling offers for the products we specially promote list on our web site. Within 7 days from the date of the purchase, we offer to give back the difference in purchased prices plus 10 % of the difference if lower prices for our comparable bundling offers are to be offered within 3 days from the date of purchase in the prestigious chain shops in Hong Kong.