China Member Linkage

Under China Member Linkage program, Redeem Point Club will provide bonus points to encourage the members to help their friends or relatives residing in China to enjoy our unique services and benefits. 

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Earning Linkage Reward Points

Redeem Point Club provides extra reward points for China members to freely distribute online to their Hong Kong or Shenzhen friends who help them to collect in Hong Kong the goods on their behalf.

Earning Rewards

HKC & AA-HKC Membership Tiers

HKC membership tier is only made available for Hong Kong resident holding a valid Hong Kong ID card. HKC can be authorised by HKC's friends (AA-HKC) who are China members, to collect the goods purchased by AA-HKC. However HKC cannot authorise someone to collect the goods in order to obtain extra reward points under China Member Linkage program.
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SZC & BB-SZC Membership Tiers

SZC membership tier is made available for Shenzhen resident holding a valid Shenzhen Resident Permit. SZC can be authorised by SZC's friends of China ( BB-SZC) to collect in Hong Kong on behalf of BB-SZC the goods purchased by BB-SZC. Shenzhen resident can acquire three membership tiers, namely the AA-HKC, SZC and BB-SZC.
Earning Rewards


Help-Traveller Scheme

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