Redeem Point Club & Membership Tier

Redeem Point Club is an online reward program specially designed for the residents of Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China, as well as frequent global travellers.
lAll adults can join 
Adults of 18 years old or above are welcome to join, with a valid email address and mobile phone number for communication.
lIt's FREE

There is no joining fee and free to maintain the membership. It's absolutely FREE!
lUnique services and benefits
You can enjoy our unique services and loyalty programs which include Product Authentication Label Checking Service, Register For Better Offer, Refer A Friend, China Member Linkage and Redeem Point Claim etc.
lEarn reward points
In additional to your online shopping, you can also earn reward points from us by completing simple tasks such as reading email offer, viewing products, referring friends/relatives to join us or clicking on links etc.
lRedeem your reward points for gifts or real cash
Once you have sufficient points, you can redeem your reward points for gifts or cash coupons at a favourable price. Real cash redemption program is also available for those residents of  Mainland China.
lCharity Donation

You can donate the reward points (P Points) earned from your online purchase to charity or non-government organisations. For the years of 2015 & 2016, Redeem Point Club will run a matching donation program as well. That means we will donate the same amount of decent points which our members have donated.

Reward Promise From Redeem Point Club
Redeem Point Club is committed to pay out real rewards to decent and loyal members.

Redeem Point Club will always give you the rewards you deserve, providing you always do the right thing.

This means that you will always receive your rewards, as long as you:

-Do not create more than one Redeem Point Club membership account;  
-Do not allow anyone else to use your Redeem Point Club membership account and do not use anyone else's Redeem Point Club  membership account;
-Do not provide false or misleading information in your Redeem Point Club account settings or  your buying portfolio;
-Answer all surveys and questionnaires honestly;
-Act with honesty and integrity in all of your dealings with Redeem Point Club, its partners, suppliers and  members;      
-Follow all instructions, rules and policies correctly;
-Comply with all other terms in the Terms of Service of Redeem Point Club.
-For more information, view the Redeem Point Club's Terms of Service.

lPrivacy Promise From Redeem Point Club
The personal information you enter on the Redeem Point Club website is kept 100% private and confidential.
Information you provided in the account settings page includes your email address,  phone number, ID card information and Surname, etc. are never shared with any other company; unless you explicitly give us permission to do so, or if it is required by law.

Information  you voluntary provided in your buying portfolio is only used by Redeem Point Club to send appropriate email rewards and surveys to you. This information is never given to advertisers and market research companies in a way that can be used to identify you.

Please note that sometimes Redeem Point Club may send you email or surveys where the advertiser or market research company ("third party") asks you to fill in your personal information. It is your choice whether you provide that personal information to the third party.


For more information, view the Redeem Point Club's Privacy Policy.

Club Tier Qualifications

Customer becomes automatically a Jade Member after successful registration and activation of the membership account .
There are seven tiers of membership .
-Special VIP

Earning Club Points

Club points are equal to the total sum of E Redeem Points or P Redeem Points earned by the member during the last membership year. Each membership year start on 1st Jan and end on 31st Dec each year .
In addition to the points earned through the purchase of goods, member can also earn points through various free online activities on our web site such as web visit , register for better offer , quick questionnaire, read email offer and friend referral etc .

Membership Tier Renewal

Information below indicates the number of club points required within the last membership year to renew or upgrade tiers in the next membership year. Upon renewal , upgrade or downgrade , your club points will automatically be reset to zero and a new membership year begins.

Jade: purchase amount over $250 or club points not less than 1000

Ruby: purchase amount over $2000 or club points not less than 8000

Gold: purchase amount over $5000 or club points not less than 20000

Diamond: purchase amount over $7000 or club points not less than 28000

Company: purchase amount over $250 and the number of colleagues joined the Club not less than 3

Supreme: With valid purchase arrangement with the Club or with relevant medical certificate specifying long term health care is required

Special VIP: Actively involved in bringing good to the society such as blood donar , organ donation or charity volunteer.

Tier Benefits

Members shall enjoy different range of privileges, benefits,discounts, rewards points ,free gifts and priority in purchasing limited special promotion packages according to their tier of membership.

In 2018, experienced members shall enjoy extra discounts and reward points below according to their years of online membership when they make purchase of Spring Leaf and Naturesgoodness food supplement and other selected products at our outlet stores [Buy at Store],

[Buy at Store] extra discounts are

2017 registered member ...Extra 5 % off plus 25% more points
2016 registered member... Extra 10% off plus 50% more points
2015 or before registered member..Extra 15 % off plus 100% more points

(Note: above discounts cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions )