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Product Authentication Label
            To reduce our member's risk of buying fake or counterfeit products, our Product Authentication Label Checking Service will provide member via email the authentication details of products of the following brands which our member has purchased in our authorised shop in Hong Kong or China. Within 15 days from date of purchase, member can acquire the authentication details which will generally cover the manufacture date, batch number, expiry date, invoice information, 1st checking member username and  checking history for each corresponding purchased product. Should the authentication information are different from the information shown on the orignal product label of the purchased product and the transaction details, the member is strongly advised to contact and clarify with the shop where the member has purchased the product. Such unique Product Authentication Label Checking Service is considered to be an effective method to help our member reduce the risks of buying fake and counterfeit products. The maximum number of checks for each product is limited to five for the membership year of 2015.
   Please click the following links of manufacturers or products to enjoy the  free Product Authentication Label Checking Service provided by Redeem Point Club.

Help-Product Authentication Label

Our Product Authentication Label Checking Service will provide member the authentication details via email according to the code and the transaction information.

Member is strongly advised to consult with the shop where the product is purchased if the following details to be provided from the authentication email are not matching with the invoice or the details on the label of the product.

Product Name:
Batch Number:
Date of Manufacture:
Expiry Date:
Order Date:
Outlet Store Name:
First Inquiry Member:
First Inquiry Date:
Last Inquiry Member:
Last Inquiry Date:
Total Numbers of Inquiries including this Inquiry: